Fat Cat sending kids to bed at 7.30 every night, children’s TV stars trying to speak to kids earnestly, and the way social media trains us to interact with each other like children, these are the themes of 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof, a cabaret comedy show at the Adelaide Fringe 2019.

Ralf Hadzic, who was Fat Cat for 15 years from 1974, and Steve Davis, of The Adelaide Show Podcast, FIVEaa, and Cranker Comedy, have teamed up with director, Glynn Nicholas (of Humphrey B Bear and Big Gig/Pate Biscuit fame), to create 60 minutes of stand up, and hilarious vintage blooper videos (some featuring Jane Reilly) February 18-20 and 25-27, at The Historian Hotel.

The 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof $64 question

“Do you remember frantically trying to stop your parents hearing Fat Cat’s ‘go to bed’ message on TV at 7.30pm each night?” asks Steve Davis.

“If so, then this is your chance to confront the man in the fluffy suit and purge that dread from your soul.

“Kids TV is a bigger part of our lives than ever and this show reflects on that, pokes fun at it, and explores how it’s actually shaping public discourse today.”

What will Jane Reilly think?

The show will feature Ralf Hadzic’s treasured blooper reel of embarrassing and hilarious, behind-the-scenes footage of Fat Cat and Friends, including some compromising scenes involving former Fat Cat offsider, Jane Reilly.

“Jane and I are old buddies,” says Ralf Hadzic, “and I might have promised to delete some of the rather adult-flavoured ‘goodnight girls and boys’ outtakes but I haven’t gotten around to it yet, so we might as well give them one last airing!”

Three Adelaide Fringe firsts are happening in this show:

  1. Steve will again be a reviewer for The Adelaide Show, and will review each night’s audience so they can read how many stars THEY got the next
    morning in his review of the audience.
  2. Structured heckling will be in place with two lucky patrons given the responsibility of delivering the official heckles of the night.
  3. Everybody who books and pays for a show plus dinner ticket, will enter the final night draw to win a full day Barossa wine tour for two, accompanied by the ‘2 cats’, with Ralf’s Life Is A Cabernet Tours.

Tickets available here through FringeTix.